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Trading System in "The Viking Way"

Hello, Vikings!

From this day, we want to share with you more details about "The Viking Way", to help you conquer this unknown sea easier!

Today we will introduce to you the trading system.

▸ In the game, trading will be one of your main sources of income.

▸ Each town has its supply and demand of goods. Merchants will pay you high prices for local needs. At the same time, they can provide you information about other towns' demands.

▸ The capacity of the inventory is limited, so you need to upgrade the ship to get more storage space, in order to maximize trading efficiency.

▸ It is also important to plan trade routes. The risk of each path is different, the short distance is safer, but less profit.

▸ Long-distance routes are dangerous, but each trip can bring considerable reward. Properly arrange your warships and cargo ships, get ready to repel the Pirates that may strike at any time, lead your soldiers to uproot these pirates ' lair.

Vikings, get ready to make tons of profit and WISHLIST the game!

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