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Update v0.14 | Bug Fixes and Russian Localization

Bug Fix: Factions cannot get destroyed.

Bug Fix: Player's town still gets attacked even when a faction has 0 troops.

Bug Fix:Get not get rid of some quest items.

Bug Fix:Ship's selling price doesn't change after upgrading it.

Bug Fix:Weird sound glitches sometimes when loading the battle map.

Bug Fix:Some troops randomly disappear after winning or losing the naval combat.

Bug Fix:Player's ship gets launched in the air when near the ocean border.

Bug Fix:Player's ship flies if the speed is too fast and the waves are too big.

We added a function to easier localize the game UI to different languages. We still need to add a function to localize the dialogs.

We added the Russian localization.

For the next update that is coming next week. We will localize all the

existing dialogs to Chinese and Russian.

In the next update, you will also see:

Improved siege combat with gates to ram.

Player's personal inventory slots for quest items and gifts.

Troops with the ability to throw axes and javelins.

Player's ability to throw axes and javelins.

The Slavic Rus troop tree.

Improved characters for female companions.

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