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The Viking Leader Customization System

Greetings, heroes!

The Viking army is brave and fearless, and their leader always has excellent combat skills.

Today, we will tell you more about the Viking leader customization system in the game.

▸In "The Viking Way", you will play as a Viking leader. Constantly fighting can bring you lots of experience points. After each upgrade, you'll get extra attribute points, which you can freely assign to various attributes.

▸If you want to become a tycoon of naval trading, you should focus on “sailing ” and “trading” in the early stage. If you want to massacre on the battlefields, you need to improve your “constitution” and grow your “strength”.

▸In addition to your own abilities, powerful equipment is also a helper for you to fight courageously. In the game, you can use different types of weapons. For example, short swords and hatchets are excellent for close-range combat. Spears and long axes can cause high damage while keeping you away from the enemy. You can also equip a bow to deal fatal blows to the enemy at a long distance. Continuous use of each weapon can increase your proficiency, and the higher your proficiency, the stronger your weapon will be.

▸Only powerful weapons are not enough to make you invincible on the battlefield, you also need excellent armor to protect yourself. There are many armors and helmets that will increase your defense, and shields that will help to block enemy attacks. You can obtain equipment in different ways. For example, in each town, you can find a trader, which can sell you basic weapons and armors. Or you can get new equipment by defeating enemies or completing the tasks. But if you are aiming to have the most powerful weapon and armor in the world, you need to search every corner of the sea, and the secret treasures of ancient kings will not let you down.

Fearless Vikings, take up your weapons, lead your army to open up your own Viking Way on the battlefield, and WISHLIST the game!

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