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Fleet and Army Management Systems

Viking leaders!

Today let us introduce to you the fleet and army management systems.

The Vikings believed that individualistic heroism couldn't bring victory, but a powerful fleet and army guaranteed success.

▸Every city has a dock where you can repair, trade, store, and upgrade ships. You can take up to five boats each time you go to sea. It is always better to choose the boats according to your current situation. For example, small vessels are fast and maneuverable; they are ideal for boarding raids at sea. Meanwhile, large ships have better durability and higher capacity, making them more suitable for protecting the transported goods.

▸You can also make additional upgrades for each ship. Configuring the firepit can increase your crossbow arrows' power; upgrading the oars and sails can make sailing more efficient; upgrading the cabin can increase the number of supplies you can carry.

▸Form your fleet and lead an invincible division of vikinf warriors to seize lands and fight pirates. You can hire good melee troopers and ranged archers in every city bar.

▸Skills of your warriors will grow after each battle, and soldiers, who have gained experience, can improve their attributes. But if warriors fall on the battlefield, they will be gone forever. Therefore, protecting the frontline forces is one of the obligations in order to become a worthy leader of the Vikings.

Assign sailors to each ship,decide your fleet flagship, WISHLIST the game and create your Viking legend!

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