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Hot Fix V0.13

Bug Fix:Companion disappears if the ship sinks.

Bug Fix:Cannot recruit more troops if some troops got killed during ocean combat.

Bug Fix:Troops remain onboard, even if they are placed in garrison.

Bug Fix:Too frequent sieges.

Bug Fix:Garrison joins the enemy forces if the city falls.

Bug Fix:Companion who stays in the garrison disappears if the city falls.

Bug Fix:Unable to fire ballista.

Bug Fix:Unable to heal the player in a monastery.

We will announce the development road map soon.

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1 Comment

Thanh Long
Thanh Long
Oct 17, 2020

Please fix the bugs below:

- When you load the game, the ship update gone

- Training exp does not add to the party

- Can not add skill points for Eric Suggestion: - Add heroes (like Eric) to buy in the tavern

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