Hotfix V0.12

Bug Fix: Game-breaking bug when entering combat, when player's ship gets deleted.

Bug Fix: After loading the game, ships' attribute increased.

Bug Fix: Repetitively entering the town. (right after leaving it)

Bug Fix: Supplies reset to 200 after loading.

Reduced the siege force strength.

You can sell or equip the family amulet now.

Friendly ships will cease fire on empty enemy ships.

Reduced ship collision damage.

Remapped keys for quick save/load. now is ctrl+f9 for saving and ctrl+f10 for loading.

Adjusted gift price.

Adjusted price for the Cog ship.

Settings are getting saved now.

Dialog will not be triggered during naval combat now.

Added boarding interval, to avoid repetitive boarding.

Added more fleets on the ocean.

We will fix the city commanding problem in the next update.