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Sailing and Exploring in the North Sea

Fearless Vikings,

Today we will introduce to you the sailing system in the game.

The Vikings were born as sailing masters, and the great sailing skill is the first step that helps to conquer the entire Nordic waters. From the beginning, your map will not have info about other locations. You will need to lead your Vikings’ fleet to explore the entire sea, and one by one places that you have discovered, will appear on your map. Later, you will have the choice to do peaceful trading or to declare war on others and plunder goods from their territory.

Sailing on the sea is full of dangers and requires a lot of courage and great traveling skills. In the game, you can freely control the direction of the ship, maintain the sails, and use the wind direction to control the voyage's speed. At the same time, to get a better experience, upgrade your ship and enhance your skill attributes.

You have to face the challenge both from nature and corsair. There are reefs, which can inflict casualties to the ship in the clash and pirates, who will launch shelling to your fleet. If you are stranded on the beach, you might become a pirates' target. Master your rudder, and don't let your Viking Way fall short!

Even though the dangers in the sea are serious, the Nordic waters' secrets would still fascinate you. Go deep into the most hidden corners of the map, you might find something unexpected. Will it be an abandoned shipwreck? Or the treasure buried by the Kings of all ages? Who knows? Countless unknown secrets are waiting for you to explore.

We believe you can become the best fleet commander, WISHLIST the game and together with vikings conquer the whole sea!

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