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The Viking Way Roadmap

Hello everyone, we are ready to show you our roadmap!

So far, that's what in our plans, but it may have some minor changes or additions in the future.

The Viking Way Roadmap

-Improve Siege Combat: Deeper siege mechanics, including siege machines.

-Deeper town management system, ability to build in your own towns to improve its economy, available goods, and troops.

-Improve the combat system. Bloodier and more animations.

-Improve the troop tree and add more differences between troops.

-Horse Riding and Mounted Combat

-Mounted Units: Mounted Lancers, mounted archers, etc.

-Throwing Weapons: Throwing axes and javelins.

-Infantry capable of throwing axes and javelins.

-Gloves and Shoes for more customization choices.

-Sandbox mode with the ability to customize your own Viking hero.

-Travel along the river systems to reach inland places such as Kiev.

-More things to do in a town, village, and monastery, such as arena matches.

-More factions such as the Pechenegs and the Eastern Roman Empire.

-Extended world map to the Mediterranean sea, covering territories of Moors, Italians, Byzantines, etc.

-Female Player Option.

-Skirmish battles on the field.

-Better boarding combat.

-More companions to hire.

-More quests and stories, including side quests.

-More variety of weapons, armors, helmets, and other items.

-More variety of ships to buy, including the Mediterranean ships and Moorish ships.

-Ocean events such as storms that can damage your ships.

Let us know what you will be waiting for the most!

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Rayyan Saboor
Rayyan Saboor
Oct 18, 2020

SHOW WHAT TOWNS NEED AND WHAT THEY SELL when you hover the mouse over their name in the map once you have discovered them I have to write that on a paper :(


Thanh Long
Thanh Long
Oct 17, 2020

Please fix the bugs below:

- When you load the game, the ship update gone

- Training exp does not add to the party

- Can not add skill points for Eric


- Add heroes (like Eric) to buy in the tavern

- Defense hero. Players can choose to start the fight with the hero and defend troops or waiting for reinforcements. After a few days, if there are no reinforcements, the fight will start automatically

- Troops should be stronger as they lvl up, not only more hp. It is sad that my lvl 20 troops are just as strong as the one lvl 4

Thanks for the game, good job team

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