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Update v0.11 Hot Fixes and Improvements

Fixed Bugs:

Bug: Enemy ship sometimes can’t be boarded.

Bug: Enemies can’t be generated correctly during boarding battles.

Bug Fix: The mouse cursor is visible during battle.

Bug: The treatment interface problem in the monastery.

Bug: The ship sometimes flips upside down.

Bug: Jumping onboard results in falling into the water.

Bug: Can’t board an enemy ship after loading the game.

Bug: The city garrison UI can’t be scrolled.

Bug: Special item’s price displayed wrong.

Bug: Item’s tooltip doesn’t refresh if quickly click multiple items.


Improvements and Optimization:

Balanced Player’s Level-up Speed

Optimized some of NPC’s portrait detail

Optimized the helmets and the shields’ generation mechanism

Changed some locations’ models

Optimized enemy’s siege frequency

Added hint when the player gets a companion

The player can pull out weapon automatically when entering the battle

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